The Skills4Parents project intends to enhance the professional skills of adult educators and simultaneously improve parents’ personal growth, communication and parenting skills.

The project aims to do this through developing innovative learning material for adult educators (e.g. communication skills, digital skills, counselling skills) which will be uploaded on the project’s online platform. The online platform will act as an online resource base where all the Intellectual Outputs of the project will become available as Open Education Resources. The online platform will also include an online community where adult educators and parents can communicate and collaborate.
Overall, the project aims to build strong connections between different sectors with the exchange of good practices and contribute to modernization and better use of educational learning material.


With the rise of new technologies, the way children spend time and how they communicate with each other has changed drastically and it is affecting the relationship between them and their parents. On a daily basis, parents are adapting to new information on how to nurture and assist in their children’s development, communicate with them efficiently and bring them up into confident and vigilant children. By improving parents’ personal growth, communication and parental skills they simultaneously gain solid grounds to also further develop their professional skills. In a nutshell, the Skills4Parents project aims to influence the lives of adult educators, parents and children in a way so that all three groups gain valuable life tools.


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