14th October – Tribine grada Zagreba, Croatia

Parents’ association Step by step on 14th October held a Multiplier event in which the results of the Erasmus+ project “SKILLS4PARENTS” were presented.

The modern way of life, busyness, and complexity of everyday situations require parents to quickly adapt and successfully cope with new situations. In order to respond to these requests, parents must have specific knowledge in different areas. However, parents often find themselves in situations where they do not have answers, which is why they often need additional support, which is the primary goal of this project, both for parents and for adult educators in developing their professional skills.

The Multiplier event was held in person in Tribine grada Zagreba conference room from 10:00 until 12:00. PASBS first presented the project, its goals, objectives, and the consortium which worked together on the project. After the general presentation, the results of the project were presented with an accent on Parent’s Guide, Handbook for professionals, and S4P Online Platform. Afterward, there was a very dynamic discussion with many questions regarding the project and its results which also continued on the reception for participants of the Multiplier event.

The feedback from the participants (teachers, pedagogues, parents, social workers, psychologists, etc.) was very positive and they were very much interested in the results of the project and implementing them.