EACG is founded in 2010 as a deliverable of the European Funded Project CAREER-EUshop. The purposes of the Association are:

– to enable information and experience exchange by career guidance counsellors and HR practitioners,
– to circulate provisions of the Europe Strategies and its updates in academic and professional circles,
– to support the process of raising education and professional standards and quality in the territory of the European Union,
– to support and contribute to the European Employment and Vocational Education and Training Policies,
– to organize training and train-the-trainer courses for the promotion of Life-Long Learning (LLL),
– to organize seminars and conferences, which will enable direct communication among the Association members and beyond and
for the definition of new areas of the Association activities,
– to prepare proposals within the framework of EU programmes funded by the European Commission,
– to cooperate as a coordinator or partner in European projects,
– to produce publications of interest to EACG members and the interested audience
It organizes the annual European conference CAREER-EU and circulates a frequent newsletter to its members and beyond.
EACG is managed by a board of 5 elected and 3 appointed members supported by 2 permanent employees and several experts in part-time contract.

Contact Person: Mrs Roula Kyrillou, Executive Vice President

E-mail: Kyrillou.d@eacg.eu