IO2 Description

This Intellectual Output is highly important since this is the phase where the Guidelines/Curriculum for the adult trainers will be developed. The detailed curriculum will enhance the adult educators’ professional skills and assist them to gain essential information related to parents’ needs and difficulties. Some topics that will be covered by the curriculum include communication skills, guiding skills, conflict management and resolution, problem solving skills, counselling and digital skills.
Following the development of the Guidelines/Curriculum, a 5-day train the trainer course will be held for 20 adult educators in order to provide them with knowledge on how to mentor and guide parents and their children. After the completion of the Train the Trainer course the adult educators will provide feedback through evaluation forms which will be developed by the consortium.
The guidelines which will be achieved through a specific methodology are elements of innovation that aim to enhance the professional skills of expert adult educators. Consequently, this will have a positive impact on the parents’ relationship with their children and will lead to a better quality of life and well-being of children.

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