Learning resources for parents and professionals

Empowering families through the development of positive parenting skills: A Learning Guide for Parents

The project partners worked really hard and finally completed the development of a Learning Guide for Parents.

Developed through the expertise of 6 organisations and founded on values of human rights, non-discrimination, social inclusion, gender equality, intergenerational solidarity and empowerment of all families, the Skills4Parents Learning Guide for parents contains learning packages to boost parenting skills in five areas: Communication, Empowerment, Mediation, Problem-Solving, and Digital.

The guide adopts a self-learning approach, allowing all learning parents to choose the content (tips, case studies, exercises) that they need to tackle the parenting challenges they are encountering at their own pace.

See the full Guide here in English

See the full Guide here in French

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See the full Guide here in Dutch

A Handbook for Professionals working with parents and carers

The project partners have also developed an accompanying Handbook addressed to professionals working with parents and families. In other words, this handbook is for professionals who wish to use the self-learning content of the Skills4Parents Learning Guide and integrate it into their work with parents and families.

The Handbook contains further explanations on how to transform the content of the Skills4Parents Learning Guide into training with a suggested learning plan for each of the learning packages, containing a mix of development activities, practicing activities, and activities for the evaluation of the knowledge and skills acquired. You will also find some tips on how to conduct training for parents and families – everything you need to get inspired and integrate the Skills4Parents learning into your activities!

We hope that this Handbook will be useful for your work and that it will help you to better support families, parents, children in their journey to improve their personal skills and family wellbeing. Some of the activities proposed are for working with parents and caregivers only, and others have been thought to follow a two-generation approach and involve the children as well, working for the family as a team.  

Want to have a look?

See the full Handbook here in English

See the full Handbook here in French

See the full Handbook here in Italian

See the full Handbook here in Croatian

See the full Handbook here in Greek

See the full Handbook here in Dutch