21st October – Brussels, Belgium (online)

COFACE Families Europe co-hosted a workshop with 9 professionals working with families in Flanders and Brussels, with the following agenda:

  • Overview of family supports in Europe
  • Presentation of Skills4Parents resources (learning guide for parents, handbook for professionals, and online Hub)
  • Deep dive into empowerment skills

This was followed by group work on how professionals can use the S4P resources in their respective local communities and a general feedback session. The family support professionals who attended the workshop work with different types of families and from different perspectives: criminal justice system, parenting support, gender equality, building training for professionals, and using the PPP approach on positive parenting.

The S4P resources were considered useful in different ways:

  • to kick-start discussions with parents whose children are in the criminal justice system
  • to develop parental education programmes with a clearer pedagogical approach
  • to use in low-threshold services like family centres where parents come for help on specific issues (e.g. if they have a child with autism)

For further information, info@elizabeth_gosme